Why developing a good CV is important?

 “First impression is the last impression” - a good CV is the most important element in your professional catalogue. On an average, a recruiter takes less than 10 seconds to scan and shortlist a resume. From that perspective, it is worth spending time & effort on choosing the right resume format and enhancing its overall content & presentation. “With the job market gradually picking up, more opportunities are available and there’s no better time than now to get your CV updated and ready.” Understanding the... Read More

What should be the ideal length of Resumes?

Looking for an impressive resume to attract the recruiters for your dream job? You should be concerned about the length of your resume! An ideal length depends upon the total experience you hold in the industry. Things are changing. In the past, we used fax machines and paper. These days, we use email. Also, Applicant Tracking Systems make it easier to submit a two page resume, or longer. Quickly impressing the hiring manager is essential. Also important is showcasing enough achievements to prove that you are an asset. Here’s... Read More

Repetitive information is a put-off for a Recruiter – Know why?

A common tendency while creating resumes is to repeat information at various places. Some of these include: - Redundant keywords displaying the same skills in core competencies and summary. For e.g., a candidate writing “Manpower Planning” as a key skill and then mentioning “Team Management” is an example of repetitive information. - Objective Statement: The following Objective Statement appears vague: “To secure a challenging position in the software development industry where I can effectively contribute my skills... Read More

Tell me about yourself—how to answer this interview question

This very crucial and quite common job interview question elicits answers from the mundane to the adventurous. However, that isn't what prospective employers want to know. In spite of being the most frequently asked interview question, “Tell me about yourself” still has ambiguity surrounding what the interviewer seeks in a response. This might make you think of a laundry list of answers like your role in your last stint, talking about your functional or soft skills or your family background. Let us solve this mystery by... Read More

Different Resume Formats that are available in the market

“Recruiters & hiring managers review thousands of resumes daily, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others.” One can chose from various resume formats while applying for jobs. Selection can be done from formats like visual, textual, infographic, or a video resume. Every resume format is used for different purposes. Hence, while deciding which type of resume to use, you have to think about the current situation. Sounds hard to choose? Let’s look at various resume formats with... Read More

Tips to Create an Effective and Professional Video Resume

In today’s world of a highly competitive job market, it’s really important to evolve and turn out to creative ways to stand out from the crowd. One such highly effective way is by creating Video Resumes. Against general opinion, creating a video resume isn’t as easy as recording yourself on your phone while ensuring you look good at different angles. While the right video resume can significantly improve your chances, the wrong one can be damaging to your image and job search. A video is a real-time representation of your... Read More


While writing an impactful resume, the most challenging part is to describe your job profile in a concise, yet impactful manner. For this, you need to ensure that your resume is not boring to read. For instance, if you come across a Sales Manager’s resume and it talks about achieving the assigned monthly sales target and ensuring that the team works in harmony with organisation objectives, will you read it? No. In today’s fast paced world, where recruiters spend merely 30 seconds in shortlisting a resume, you need to stay ahead... Read More

Improve your branding with impactful summary in resumes

Why it Matters? A successful job search is the outcome of several efforts – a great resume, targeted search and applying at the right time. It’s also about standing out from the hundreds of applications and making an impression right at the start. This focus would hence require a branding of the job seeker to become the preferred choice for the recruiter. https://youtu.be/CtjHd57Qfho   The Resume Summary, plays a pivotal role in this branding. As part of the initial 25% of a resume, that gets read right at the... Read More

Why updating resumes every year is important and crucial in your job...

Professionals update their resumes only while hunting for a new job. Resume writing is tedious, and, if you have no intention of leaving your present job any time soon, then why devote time to updating your resume. Right? We are way off target in our thinking here. In the current scenario, where constant change and uncertainty is the norm, it’s best to regularly review your resume and ensure that it’s ready for any disruption. Citing some key reasons why a resume should always be updated and how it can impact the way your career... Read More

How to write fresher resumes ?

Getting the first job is a different feeling altogether. But there few things you need to consider before applying for your first job. Your job search starts with drafting a polished and professional resume. In case you don’t know, we would like to inform you that you have just 6 seconds to make an impression on recruiters. This is because a recruiter usually gives not more than a few seconds to look at your resume and takes a decision spontaneously. Therefore, it becomes highly important for a job seeker to create a perfect resume... Read More