5 easy tips to break the job monotony!!

Break the job monotony

Most of us lead our lives in a manner akin to robots- mechanically doing the same things day-in and day-out. Doesn’t this routine sound familiar-get into office at 9, have a team meeting, send reports, design presentation, prepare forecasts, monitor progress and leave after 6………who can forget those few coffee breaks that come in between.

Bread is what we need to earn, whether we work in this office or quit saying that the job is too boring and pick up another; we’ll still have to spend those 9 hours positively and productively.

Confucius was absolutely right when he said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Though all of us can relate to the age-old wisdom of this quote, monotony does tend to creep in with even the most dedicated and loyal employees feeling exasperated with the routine of their daily work lives.


Go ahead and break it!!


Get Creative! Do things differently than doing them in the same old way. For instance, if daily huddles is what you need to conduct every day, take your team out to an open terrace or the cafeteria for that small morning chit chat instead of closed doors / meeting rooms and see the difference! You and your team will feel better, rejuvenated and excited about this meet than ever before.

Explore / Learn: Learn a new skill or upgrade an existing, this would give you that feel good factor of polishing your skill and learning a new art which will not only give that extra zing to your daily routine but also a boost  to your career.

Go-getter: You might have a 100 to-do-list but taking up that one extra every day will go a long way in making you a go-getter and that ‘dependable’ which every Boss looks for. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone and keep doing those tasks which you have mastered over the years but moving out of the comfort zone is what would make you unique with that extra learning opportunity.

Become a Mentor: Teach someone something new, share your knowledge / experience and put a member of your team on the path to success. Believe me…nothing would give you greater high than seeing someone perform under your guidance and support. You would want to come to office for this one person for whom you are a teacher, mentor and a godfather.

Share a joke: Make the team / environment where you spend a considerable amount of your time cheerful and fun. You don’t always have to run after numbers with your team or call them to your desk to give you a piece of your mind. Call them to share a fun mail……talk to them about a funny incident, crack a joke and laugh out loud. You will not only feel good but also make good rapport with your team members.


Think out of the box!


Doing the same task every day is indeed monotonous even a child after having played with his/her toy car for 3-4 times goes on to break it to see what’s inside to make it into something new and interesting. It then is a either a convertible or a car with 3 wheels, but innovation and breaking the rules is what it is.

Similarly, we need to identify ways to break our every day job tasks into something new and interesting so as to keep the interest alive and at the same time deliver what is expected.

At the end of the day, what does the Boss want? He wants the tasks done and deliverables met, how to do it depends on you. You can either do the task cribbing and talking about it or by making it interesting and lively. HR policies and departmental strategies do not make a company a preferred employer but it’s the people working in them who make a company worth working for. They create such an amazing work culture, friendly atmosphere and a dynamic environment where people feel motivated to come to office and work.




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