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When it is about your career and life, you want to settle for nothing but the best. Even if you are currently employed, you never know when the perfect opportunity might come your way. Revising your resume and reflecting on your past accomplishments can be a pretty daunting task and can overwhelm you in a way that you can be at a loss as to where to make the necessary modifications. Your resume should highlight all your new skills and achievements in such a way that it should demonstrate your prowess and skills required for your professional growth.

Listed below are quick must-know tips to help you grab eye balls and turn your resume into a perfect one.

Revamp the Format

The last thing that one wants to be is an ordinary, run-of-the-mill applicant while searching for a job. Having the same look and the feel of the resume like any other jobseeker can be quite boring. Instead, adding a little bit of punch and making your resume look a bit snazzy, both presentation and content wise can help you make a perfect first impression. The idea is to keep it simple yet attractive.

Sell Yourself Well

Your resume determines the tone of your job search. Try to list each and every skill or capability related to the position you are vying for in a clear and concise manner. Never ever think that a particular skill or trait is not very important and need not be mentioned. Vague bullet points never help.

The simple way of adding relevant details to your resume is jotting down all the tasks done by you. When you delves deeper into you day-to-day working activities, you are bound to come up with something that is unique and challenging and adds substance to your resume.

Use Data to Back Your Achievements

Narrating all your plus points in a subjective manner would not elicit the results you expect in comparison to objective data. Hiring managers never want to read a laundry list of your job responsibilities. They are generally impressed with numbers, percentage of sales managed, growth accomplished, awards etc.

Be Succinct

Although you might feel like writing pages and pages about your work history, it is better not to be tempted. You should regard your resume as a highlights reel and should try to keep it manageable and not too lengthy.

Always Proofread

Nothing can be worse than reading a resume with major grammatical errors or typos.  Never take a chance and miss out on a great job by your resume being thrown into a pile of garbage due to these errors. Relook your resume and always read it out loud and get someone else to proofread your work as well.

You should always remember to have faith in your abilities and capabilities. Your resume is like a mirror to the growth that you have covered in your years as a professional.  An updated resume opens new doors and new job opportunities for you. It is like your career portfolio that you should update at least twice a year or as often as you can. You should also note your achievements and accolades that you receive, this will contribute to your own sense of personal worth which will also give you a basis for judging your “real value” in the employment marketplace.

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