Video Resumes: A Wave of the Future

Video Resume

The latest Buzz:

The latest trend which has caught the fancy of many jobseekers in the employment market is the video resume! Although it is a fairly new concept to both jobseekers and employers, everybody seems to be talking about video recruitment. It offers unique advantages over the impersonal paper resumes by giving candidates a scope to exhibit their skills and talents in a unique and creative way.

What exactly is a video resume?

It is basically a short video that acts like a supplement to your conventional resume, giving information about your qualifications and skills. It lets you go beyond the traditional methods of applying for a job. If done correctly, it enhances your efforts to promote yourself to prospective employers. But if not done professionally, it can also ruin your chances of getting an interview! So it must be done right.

Why should you go for one?

A Video resume is an enhancement and not a replacement for your conventional resume. It showcases your creativity, your knack to think out of the box and most significantly, your personal characteristics and qualities, which a customary resume doesn’t do justice to. Furthermore, it gives your potential employers an opportunity to appraise how you communicate, convey your thoughts and present yourself. Apart from demonstrating what your skills are and what all you’ve accomplished, video resumes also expose facets of your personality which paper resumes cannot communicate.

To put it simply, a Video resume puts a “face” on your resume. It can help you differentiate yourself from the other jobseekers. This in particular can be useful if you are fresher and have little or no experience to put on papers. You can use this medium to successfully sell yourself on camera and make a positive first impression. It’s a great way to give your prospective employer an overall feel of who you are and what you are adept at. But a word of advice here! While it is an emerging trend, not all employers are comfortable with a video and would rather prefer the usual paper resume. So if you are applying to a company which has a slightly old school culture, then asking in advance whether a video resume is welcomed or not is a good idea.

How to prepare an effective video?

To start with, a Video Resume should be like a supplement to your paper resume! It should be simple, professional and 2-3 minutes long. You don’t have to narrate your entire resume as employers already have a copy with them. So don’t use your 120 seconds to speak what they already know. Instead, use your time to tell and show employers what they can’t find out from your resume alone. For example, talk about an accomplishment and elaborate how you attained it. Include aspects you like in a job or a place of work. Employers like to know your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to align them with the company’s culture and vision. Also, with your video resume don’t go overboard by making it too funky or too creative. Keep it simple and professional like you sitting with a plain backdrop.

Some more effective tips for your video resume:

• Dress appropriately and smartly
• Talk into the camera and maintain good eye contact
• Speak clearly and not too fast
• Smile and introduce yourself
• Eliminate disruptions or any background noises
• Wrap up with a thank you and your contact details

Video Resume is changing a lot of things, and is being embraced as the modern “it” form of content. It will continue to emerge as technology seeps into all aspects of our workplaces. But just like your conventional resume, you might want to have numerous editions for your future audience. But be cautious not to get trapped in a trend that doesn’t do justice to your individuality or skill set. Your video resume shouldn’t be like an awful TV audition. But, if you are at ease in front of the camera, articulate well, and have a good screen presence, then it might give you a leg up on the competition.

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