Tips To Beat Stress At Work

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Stress Management Tips

Feeling so stressed that you just cannot think straight? Trust us, you’re not alone! Pretty often, in the race against time when we try to focus our attention on getting things done, we most likely experience resentment and anger when our intent or path gets blocked by others.

With faster lifestyles, 24/7 schedules and gloabal workforces, the impact of stress at workplaces have become brutal on professionals working anywhere in the world. Things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes happen and emergencies arise! Therefore, we are left with no choice but to adapt to situations regardless, and in doing so, we often find ourselves surrounded in utterly spontaneous and at times stressful situations. Some say they function at their best when things get taxing. In fact, they find it quite exciting. But for many others, stress can have some very serious side effects.

So here are few quick ways to help you clear your mental clutter and stress less!

Don’t React, rather Act

We normally experience stress when we feel that a situation is out of our control. It triggers the stress hormones and if chronic, wears down self-confidence, focus and happiness. So, it’s very important that you identify the things you can control and things you cannot! Typically, you’re in control of your own responses and actions, but not of macro forces or somebody else’s attitude. Just be perfect for your own 50% and let go of the rest.

Streamline your work

Think of ways to manage and streamline your responsibilities. Planning, prioritizing and organizing are useful stress managers. Other strategies include defining roles, clarifying expectations, overseeing project schedules and finishing tasks ahead of deadlines. Sharpen your focus as well: Find ways to allocate time to the most significant tasks and learn the art of prioritising in both your personal and professional lives.

Do away with Interruptions

Almost each one of us is bombarded with disruptions during the day. Emails, pop ins, calls, messages and urgent, unexpected deadlines conspire to distract you more than ever. While you may not be able to control the interrupters, you sure can control your responses. Accept the interruptions, cut them off or analyse their importance and make plans. Several interruptions are habitual and can be foreseen. You need to have preset criteria for responses you aspire to make. You can also train others around you by answering emails during certain windows, setting up hours in office for talking in person or closing the door when you require concentration.

Include stress breaks

Most people agree that they handle stress by temporarily disconnecting themselves, either psychologically or physically, from the source of their stress. One way is to get up from your work station and simply walk around or just get out for some fresh air after every few hours or so. Indulge in some shoulder shrugs or deep breathing, or just close your eyes for few minutes. Bonding with your colleagues is one of the most successful antidotes to stress in the office. Chatting over the water cooler, going together for lunch and sharing problems could be the best form of therapy.

Don’t ignore your health
Are you frequently too drained to deal with problems, queries, and others’ requirements? Do you yell often, slam doors, and lose your temper? Stress can be draining and devastating. If you are not exercising enough or getting fresh air into your lungs, then your body will eventually suffer and will make matters worse. So start today. Go for brisk walking until you feel puffed. Slow down your pace, then sit and watch the world go by for another 10 minutes while you recover. You will feel healthier already.

Remember, the best cures for stress are free! There are no pills or potions for stress. Simply changing your attitude, accepting things you cannot change, managing your well time and agreeing with people some of the times can do the trick for you.

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