In this guide, we present few best practices that can help increase your Naukri Profile Views, increasing your chances of getting a call.

  • Provide as much information as you can: Fill all the sections of your Naukri profile which can help you stand out from the crowd. Maintain a profile strength of more than 90%.
  • Headline of a resume really matters: Add a headline to your resume which can concisely convey what makes you unique and the right person for the job. Include your experience and area of expertise to grab recruiter’s attention.
  • Updating your resume: Always keep an updated resume on the naukri portal, as a resume is your introduction to the prospective employer. Naukri offers unmatched text and visual resume writing and highlighting services along with LinkedIn profile writing assistance as well in order to make you more visible and impressionable to the recruiters. Click here to know more
  • Key skills are crucial: To come up with apt skills you need to ask certain questions to yourself from a recruiter’s point of view like :
    1. “What are your strengths?”
    2. “Which one skill have you learned over time?”
    3. “How have you benefited the organization with your work?”
    4. “Whether you are proficient with any specific IT Software or Languages”
    5. “How good you are with your communication skills?”
  • Keep refreshing your profile: Keep updating your profile regularly. Updates could include –
    • Learning new skills
    • Getting a promotion
    • Achievements any of your professional goal
    • Completion of a new project
    • Complete any certification or course

Even just to correct the number of years of experience in your resume, you should update your resume and update your profile time to time.

Some quick tips:

Here are some very quick tips to update your profile with optimal or minimum time.

  • Reduce Redundancy: Avoid mention of sections like references unless you have them available already. Do not waste space on your resume for references available on request. Other such irrelevant sections include Marital Status, Religion
  • Website links:
    For non-creatives: Mention the URL of your LinkedIn profile or personal website(s), if you have one, in your resume.

    For creatives: Include social media URLs like Flickr or Twitter but avoid personal handles like snapchat or Facebook.

Naukri Display Services: One of the most effective way to enhance the visibility of your profile is to avail Naukri Resume Display Services. These services not only let recruiters know that you exist in the professional world with a “Featured” tag on your profile, but also assist you to appear in the top candidate search pool. Click here to learn more.