Make sure you have your latest resume on Naukri. Check out our guide on making an impressive resume if you need help.

Finding jobs on Naukri:

There are two ways to find relevant jobs – 1) Naukri Recommended jobs 2) Using search bar

  1. Naukri recommended jobs:
    Naukri uses a machine learning based algorithm to recommend the best jobs for your profile. Keep your profile up to date to get the best recommendations and keep a check on the   ‘Profile Completeness’ Score. Update your “Job preferences” section by specifying preferred role, salary and work location.
  2. Search Bar:
     Do a basic search by Skills/Designations/Companies and Locations. Use advanced filter options to narrow down your job search to vacancies which most related to your profile

More details about few of these sections is provided below

  • Location: Mention one or more locations (including international) at which you are seeking jobs.
  • Freshness: Choose how recently the job was posted. Ideally, one should choose jobs posted  <7 days ago.
  • Job Category: Use the drop down menu to select relevant keywords based on your skills, areas of expertise and industry
  • Job Type: Choose between company jobs or consultant jobs.
    • Company Jobs: Directly posted on or own company websites,
    • Consultant jobs: Posted by third parties i.e. employment agencies and recruitment firms.
  • Sort By: Jobs are sorted either by relevance or date. It is advisable to apply for the most recent jobs in order to increase the probability of getting a call
    •  Relevance: Jobs which have most keywords common with your preferences would appear on top
    • Date: Jobs posted most recently would appear first and older ones appear at the bottom.

Become a Priority Applicant

You can become an early applicant by getting access to the most relevant jobs for your profile with premium job recommendations. As a priority applicant, your job application is highlighted to recruiters, there by increasing your chances of getting a call. Click here to check out this service.