Naukri Certifications

What are Naukri Certifications?

Naukri Certifications are a tool available for jobseekers to credibly highlight their skills and enrich their profile on Naukri. Through Naukri Certifications, jobseekers can prove to recruiters that they are at par with the best. It consists of tests widely used by recruiters to shortlist candidates. We currently offer:

  • Wide range of IT Certifications
  • Aptitude Certification

What are the benefits of taking Naukri Certifications?

You should take Naukri Certifications to:

  • Distinguish your profile by credibly demonstrating your skills & expertise to recruiters
  • Help recruiters map your skills to the right job
  • To prove to recruiters that you are at par with the best

Who should take Naukri Certifications?

Anyone with experience between 0 to 4 yrs is strongly recommended to take Naukri certifications.

When does my certification expire?

There is no expiration date to these certifications. However, it is recommended to renew them after a year as recruiters prefer most recently certified jobseekers

What all IT tests are available?

Click here to view the list of IT tests available

Is it possible to take the IT certifications and Aptitude certifications together?

Yes, it is recommended you take both IT certifications and Aptitude certification together. The more certifications you take, better the chances of recruiters noticing you.

What is Time duration and maximum score possible in each test?

Time Duration for IT Tests-

  With Coding Without Coding
Duration 50 mins 30 mins
Number of Multiple choice questions 25 25
Number of coding questions 5 0
Maximum Score 100 100


Time Duration for Aptitude Test-

Duration 30 mins
Number of Questions 25
Maximum score 100

How do you calculate my score?

Calculation of scores in case of IT tests:

  • Tests will contain multiple choice question with/without coding questions
  • There is no negative marking for any question
  • For the coding questions, score will be calculated on the basis of providing the correct answer in the given time period, supplying concise code and solving the problem using fewer system resources

Calculation of scores in case of Aptitude tests:

  • Equal marks are assigned to each question
  • Logical reasoning and quantitative ability will have equal weightage
  • There is no negative marking for any question

What is the syllabus of each test?

You can view the topics covered in the test by clicking on the test name from the list of tests. You will be guided to the test details page which contains the syllabus.

Can I take more than one test?

Yes, you can take multiple tests. In fact, we strongly recommend you take the aptitude test, and as many other skill based tests which are relevant to your profile and the kind of jobs you are seeking. The more certifications you take, better the chances of recruiters noticing you.