Visual resume

What is a visual resume?

Visual Resume is the latest innovation from to help jobseekers and recruiters. Visual resume shows key highlights in a visually appealing manner besides detailed information in textual form. Recruiters find such resumes easy to scan, while jobseekers tend to stand out.

What are the benefits of visual resume?

  • Visual representations of your key highlights to make your resume easy to scan
  • Visuals and pictures to enhance the authenticity of your resume
  • Unique clutter breaking look and to feel of your resume
  • Revamp of textual information (all benefits of regular text resume included)

How is visual resume different from text resume?

Visual resume has all the benefits that come with our text resume writing service. Additionally, visual resume contains graphic representations of your key highlights and skills to make better impact with recruiters.

What is the difference between visual resume and infographic resume?

Infographic does not contain detailed information in textual form. Therefore, recruiters do not find it easy to go through. However, recruiters find visual resume reader friendly, because it has visual representations of key highlights as well as detailed information in text form.

What is the recruiters’ feedback on visual resume?

Recruiters from various industries who hire for different experience levels find visual resumes reader friendly, innovative and authentic.

I am not from a creative field like visual or performing arts. Will a Visual CV be still useful for me?

Yes, visual resume is useful for any industry and role. Whether you are in engineering, sales, marketing, finance, IT, media or any other field, you can make that additional impact amongst recruiters with a visual resume. Visual resume have been developed after taking inputs from recruiters in various industries.

Can I speak to my resume writer?

You will always get a call from our writer at the start of the service to understand your profile better. After that, you can correspond with the writer over email. If needed you can also speak to your visual resume writer again during resume development process or ask for a call back at a mutually convenient time

Do I need to send pictures or visuals for visual resume?

Yes, you need to send a professional profile picture, which is mandatory. Besides that, you can send the writer any relevant picture or visuals which can create an impact on your resume. The more such visuals/pictures you send, the better it is.

What kind of pictures or visuals can I send to writer?

You can send any visual or picture which relates to an important professional or academic milestone. Some examples could include picture of awards, ceremonies, research papers, certifications, cover slides of important presentations delivered, etc.

What if I don’t have relevant visuals or pictures to send? Will you create visuals for me?

In such cases, resume writer will create visuals, which are appropriate for your resume and reflect the most important part of your background. However, sending a professional profile picture is mandatory.