What is RecruiterConnection service?

RecruiterConnection service enables you to directly contact recruiters. You can search for recruiters from Naukri Recruiter database and send a message to them.

How does the RecruiterConnection service work?

To be able to send messages to recruiters, you need to buy RecruiterConnection credits. One credit can be used to contact one recruiter at a time. When you send a message, your active Naukri profile and resume is automatically sent to the recruiter. The recruiter can then reply to you directly.

How can I track whether a recruiter viewed my message?

After sending a message, you can view the status on the RecruiterConnection Status page. You can navigate to the page from the left panel of your Naukri profile or from your FastForward subscription status page.

How does credit back work?

If the recruiter does not view your message within 15 days, you can reuse the credit to contact another recruiter.

Is there a guarantee that a recruiter will reply to my message?

A recruiter can see your profile and resume and decide whether he or she has any relevant job openings for you. Accordingly the recruiter can reply to your message on your email or give you a call. We will send your message to the recruiter but it is up to the recruiter to contact you for any job openings.

How can I improve my chances of getting a reply from recruiters?

You should ensure that your profile is updated and the latest resume is attached on your Naukri profile. You should go through the recruiter’s profile and see that the hiring needs of the recruiter match your profile before sending him/her a message.

How long are the credits valid?

All credits are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.