Visual resume

How much time does it take for my resume to get developed?

You will receive first draft in 10 working days after you have submitted your current raw resume and complete payment. After initial discussion, the writer may ask you to send some relevant visuals/pictures related to your professional or academic history. The above timeline will be met if you are able to send those visuals/pictures to the writer within 2 working days of your initial discussion

What is the maximum number of iterations allowed?

With our commitment to your satisfaction, we allow multiple iterations until you are completely satisfied with your resume.

Will you ask for approval before finalizing my resume?

Yes, we will take your written approval over email before finalizing your resume.

Can I get modifications done (both visual and text) even after approving the resume?

Once you give your approval, modifications will not be possible at our end. However, any small changes can be done by you in the final word version. You can then convert it to PDF using any free Word to PDF convertor

Will I receive PDF or word version of visual resume?

During iterations with writer, you will receive only a word version to enable easy editing. Once you approve your resume, you will receive PDF version of the resume.

Can I see sample of visual resume before I pay?

Yes, you can see samples before paying. Click Here to see some  samples

I want to buy the Resume Writing service for both Text CV and Visual CV together? Can I do so?

Visual resume serves the purpose of text resume because it contains detailed information in textual part. Therefore, we recommend that you buy only one of them.

I already have got a Text CV developed through Naukri. After getting a visual CV developed, can I upload both the text CV and the Visual CV on my same Naukri profile which I have?

With one username on Naukri you are allowed to create multiple (up to 5) profiles. Each profile can have only one resume attached with it – either of text or visual resume. We strongly recommend that you upload the visual CV and use that for applying to jobs on our site.

Will having a visual CV guarantee getting a call or email from recruiters?

Receiving a call from recruiters is dependent on multiple factors some of which are your resume, matching of job requirements to your profile, demand-supply of such profiles in the market, time constraints at recruiters end, etc. Many of these factors are beyond the influence of Hence we do not guarantee a call or email from recruiter after taking this service.